Introducing Emma Fox, Trainer Beauty Therapy and Salon Management in Cairns, Queensland

Welcome to the team, Emma!

Here’s Emma’s journey into the Beauty Therapy industry, culminating as a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and Salon Management Teacher in Cairns; in her own words:

“I’m a skin specialist, a trainer, a lover of learning and animals. In fact, I have 3 dogs and 9 snakes and would someday love to own and operate a Pet Sanctuary with my husband.

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with beauty treatments and skin. I was lucky to have great skin all my life, unfortunately, this is not the case for a lot of people. Seeing what some of my friends had to go through when I was a teenager, sparked an interest in me. I knew which industry I wanted to train in when I finished school. I wanted to have the knowledge and experience to treat skin conditions so that I could be part of the happiness that my clients would feel when they had the skin that they had always wanted. I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now. I’ve never looked back!

My career has been serendipitous. I was lucky enough to gain a full-time position at the Medispa Skin Clinic where I was competing work experience as part of my study, Management could see the drive and potential in me and supplied extensive training and support which gave me the tools to become the therapist/manager/teacher that I am today.

My goal for my graduating students is to have them walk out of class and with the knowledge, experience and confidence to start their career straight away. It is important to me that they feel 100% ready to enter the industry. I like to set the standard for my students, I like to make sure that every graduate is someone I would want to hire!

I think the key to success is to continue to learn and grow from mistakes. Self-growth is important. This industry is ever-changing and growing and being able to adapt to change creates more opportunity. I am a lover of learning through research and to keep up with the latest trends. I look forward to sharing the learning journey with you!”

Students studying Diploma of Beauty Therapy or Diploma of Salon Management in Cairns, and some beauty short courses will have the pleasure of meeting Emma as their trainer and assessor as well as motivator, coach and career advisor.  Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the teaching team in Cairns. We are delighted and very fortunate to have Emma on the team. Welcome Emma!